Handling wine bottles by means of a manipulator complete with a vacuum gripper
The handling of bottles and jars through the Scaglia INDEVA manipulators undoubtedly has many positive aspects, such as improved ergonomics. With the Liftronic system it is possible to handle even the heaviest loads with a negligible effort, applying a minimum of pressure on the handle.
These INDEVA intelligent manipulators are sensitive systems with precise movements, allowing the operator to have perfect control at all times of the entire processing cycle, moving bottles and bottles in an ergonomic way.

The “Intelligent Devices for Handling” of the Liftronic® series, known as INDEVA® , represent the evolution of traditional industrial manipulators.

The electronic control allows the auto-balance and zero gravity conditions. An INDEVA® continuously detects the weight of the load, and automatically adjusts the balance to the weight variation.

Thanks to INDEVA® technology, bottles and jars are handled gently and precisely, without impact and without jerks: the movement of wine bottles takes place through a frame of suction cups that allow you to grab the bottles on the bottom or on the body, up to a quantity of 30 or more bottles simultaneously.

There is also the possibility of gripping offset bottles and jars.

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