The INDEVA systems allow, thanks to their cutting-edge technology, to increase productivity while keeping the level constant throughout the entire work shift and, at the same time, allows for greater precision in the positioning of the endothermic motor.
The industrial manipulators INDEVA, meet the needs of a product of quality and safety, for this reason, many companies have adopted this system for the movement of endothermic motors. INDEVA systems are equipped with standard handles and an automatic handle adjustment device that allows the operator to maintain an ergonomic position throughout the work cycle, ensuring that movements are always fluid.
Scaglia INDEVA with its industrial manipulators, increases ergonomics and productivity within the machining cycles, in particular thanks to the characteristics of self-balancing and sensitivity, which allow the handling of endothermic motors in total safety.

Moving an endothermic motor with INDEVA® manipulators increases ergonomics, safety and productivity.

Making the motor assembly process more ergonomic and faster is one of the most common demands of car manufacturers.

It is therefore necessary to adopt an aid to the manual handling of loads that allows rapid and precise movements.

The INDEVA® Liftronic® system allows the operator to move loads precisely with minimal effort, avoiding damage to engine parts.

This prevents any health problems that would affect the operator in the long term during the installation of the endothermic engine.

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