Scaglia INDEVA with its industrial manipulators, increases ergonomics and productivity within the machining cycles, in particular thanks to the characteristics of self-balancing and sensitivity, which allow the handling of endothermic motors in total safety.
INDEVA is the top of the range in terms of solutions for the manual handling of endothermic motors available on the market today, because it is able to guarantee safety, ergonomics and productivity like no other manipulator, facilitator or lifting device available today.
INDEVA systems are the perfect solution for handling endothermic motor components that require fast, fluid and precise movements. Thanks to its unique technology, it offers numerous advantages, in particular the ability to automatically detect and balance the weight of the load lifted in real time.

In the field of motors, one of the most difficult operations to carry out is undoubtedly the handling. Handling these components manually is particularly difficult and, at the same time, time-consuming, using staff and resources.

An INDEVA® system with a gripping tool for the cylinder heads and bases of the endothermic engine is the optimal solution for handling them safely, precisely and quickly, without any effort for the operator.

INTELLIGENT DEVICES FOR HANDLING are highly sensitive systems. The immediate response of the system allows the operator to slow down or accelerate the movement, according to his needs.

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