An INDEVA Liftronic is the most ergonomic solution for the manual handling of electric motor components, thanks to a precise and fast manipulator, the operator can move the load in an intuitive way and at the most suitable speed for each phase of the working cycle.
An INDEVA instantly and automatically detects and counterbalances the weight of the lifted load by cancelling it, it also has no buttons to press during handling and does not require adjustment actions based on the size of the components of the electric motors.
The handling of uncomfortable objects to grasp, such as electric motor components, is a strong point for INDEVA's Liftronic systems which, thanks to their versatility and the possibility of exchanging gripping tools, adapt to any situation and work cycle.

The global market for electric motors is enjoying favourable economic conditions, a recovery in machinery production and a greater focus on efficiency in design to provide a necessary incentive to industry.

INDEVA® is the state of the art in manual load handling solutions available on the market today, providing safety, ergonomics and productivity like no other manipulator or lifting device available today.

INDEVA® industrial manipulators are the ideal solution for handling electric motors and their components.

The INDEVA® orbital tool head allows the motor to be rotated quickly, effortlessly and in total safety, keeping the load perfectly balanced in every position and in zero gravity conditions, in this way we will have extremely precise movements, obtaining an accurate positioning of the load.

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