The industrial manipulators offered by INDEVA are increasingly chosen by companies for load handling for different reasons. They are self-balancing, therefore they allow the handling even when the weight of the complete electric motor varies.
The industrial manipulators INDEVA, meet the needs of a product of quality and safety, for this reason, many companies have adopted this system for the movement of complete electric motors. INDEVA systems are equipped with standard handles and an automatic handle adjustment device that allows the operator to maintain an ergonomic position throughout the work cycle, ensuring that movements are always fluid.
INDEVA systems are the perfect solution for handling components of the complete electric motor that require fast, fluid and precise movements. Thanks to its unique technology, it offers numerous advantages, in particular the ability to detect and balance automatically in real time the weight of the load lifted.

Scaglia INDEVA® has a great experience in the automotive sector, in particular in the creation of special gripping tools for the handling of motors of different sizes.

Being a particularly bulky and uncomfortable piece to be positioned for its dimensions, the ideal solution is an INDEVA® , industrial manipulator of last generation, adopted to move a complete electric motor.

The INDEVA® Liftronic® system, equipped with a special gripper, is the ideal solution for handling this component.

The introduction of the “Float Mode” control also allows the operator to move the complete electric motor directly with his hands, positioning in an area particularly difficult for processing such as the passenger compartment.

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