Custom gripping industrial manipulator for handling electromechanical devices
Thanks to its cutting-edge technology, INDEVA allows you to increase productivity while maintaining a constant level throughout the entire work shift and, at the same time, allows greater precision in the positioning of various electromechanical equipment.
These INDEVA intelligent manipulators are sensitive systems with precise movements, allowing the operator to have perfect control at all times of the entire processing cycle, moving various electromechanical equipment in an ergonomic way.

The INDEVA Liftronic® series is the perfect solution for the handling of various electromechanical devices that require fast, smooth and precise movements.

Thanks to its unique technology, it offers many important advantages, the most important of which are the ability to detect and balance the weight of the lifted load automatically and in real time.

The INDEVA® industrial manipulators, equipped with load rotation devices, are designed to allow the introduction of various electromechanical devices into boxes, with vacuum gripping or mechanically activated jaws during the packaging phase.

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