The use of innovative systems such as Scaglia INDEVA manipulators has certainly led to a constant increase in productivity, moving the transformers with extreme ease and precision. One of the main features that distinguishes INDEVA systems from the rest of the market is undoubtedly the automatic weight detection. This function, combined with self-balancing, allows transformers to be moved without any pre-setting of the weight.
The INDEVA systems, thanks to their compact and ergonomic design, guarantee lightness and ease of use: in fact, the system self-balances in real time, recognizing the weight of the transformers.
With the Liftronic Easy the operator can move transformers quickly, easily and naturally just as if lifting and moving loads of a few grams without the aid of a machine. This system allows heavy and bulky loads to be lifted and moved effortlessly for several hours a day.

Latest generation INDEVA® industrial manipulators used to handle electrical transformers by means of a gripping tool.

The great versatility of the gripping tools allows the handling of transformers of different shapes and sizes, through an ergonomic and intuitive handling, the INDEVA® lifting systems, which are self-balancing, allow fast and precise movements.

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