The INDEVA systems, thanks to their compact and ergonomic design, guarantee lightness and ease of use: in fact, the system self-balances in real time, recognizing the weight of the switches.
With the Liftronic Easy the operator can move industrial switches quickly, easily and naturally just as if lifting and moving loads of a few grams without the aid of a machine. This system allows heavy and bulky loads to be lifted and moved effortlessly for several hours a day.

Possibility of handling industrial switches of different weights without the need of preset weight, thanks to the technical characteristic typical of INDEVA® to detect and counterbalance in real time and automatically the weight of the lifted load.

The immediate response of the system allows the operator to accelerate or slow down the movement according to their need, with a minimum of effort.

The intuitive and ergonomic handling, the vertical stroke up to 2.8 m and the possibility to adapt the product to the customer’s needs, are some of the peculiarities of the INDEVA® systems that, through their easy and intuitive use, with the “Float Mode” control, allow the operator to manipulate the load directly with their hands.

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