The INDEVA are known to be the solution that makes the manual handling of the load really safe and ergonomic, so they were chosen by the industries for the handling of lawnmowers also for their characteristic of being self-balancing and therefore not to require adjustments or different selection of pre-set load each time the weight of the load applied changes.

An INDEVA® manipulator can be equipped with a tool suitable for gripping and handling lawnmowers of different shapes and weights.

The INDEVA® manipulator eliminates the risks for the operator: in fact, the personnel, for the assembly of the lawnmower, makes a constant effort with movements that do not comply with the guidelines of ergonomics, with the risk of accidents and damage to the product.

Companies that are using INDEVA® manipulators to handle their products along the assembly lines, say that their productivity has significantly increased thanks to the reduction of accidents and maintaining a constant rhythm in the work cycle. According to the operators, therefore, the assembly operations of the lawnmowers are faster and less difficult.

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