An INDEVA instantly and automatically detects and counterbalances the weight of the lifted load by cancelling it, it also has no buttons to press during handling and does not require adjustment actions based on the weight of appliances.
INDEVA allows, thanks to its advanced technology, to increase productivity while maintaining a constant level during the entire shift and, at the same time, allows for greater accuracy in the positioning of appliances.
An INDEVA Liftronic is the most ergonomic solution for manual handling of household appliances, thanks to a precise and fast manipulator, the operator can move the load in an intuitive way and at the most suitable speed for each phase of the work cycle.

The panorama of the world’s manufacturers of household appliances is changing, even the products in fact, are experiencing a real revolution.

New trends in the sector show that more and more attention will be focused on the integration of artificial intelligence systems and Wi-Fi connections.

A revolution in the name of hi-tech but carried out with a view to a great attention to the environment and energy saving.

Several companies in the sector have adopted INDEVA® industrial manipulators for the handling of household appliances.

The light, compact and flexible structure allows great manoeuvrability and visibility of the work area during load handling.

In addition to achieving a constant increase in productivity, an INDEVA® can be connected via Wi-Fi to the App-Indeva, to transmit machine data in real time to a remote device. All this allows to obtain a quick and precise diagnosis of any anomaly with the associated reduction in costs and time for technical intervention and machine downtime.

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