INDEVA manufactures and supplies intelligent manipulators for the handling of all cases, thanks to the great experience and extreme know-how in design that makes INDEVA a world leader in the supply of intelligent systems.
An INDEVA Liftronic is the most ergonomic solution for manual handling of cases, thanks to a precise and fast manipulator, the operator can move the load in an intuitive way and at the most suitable speed for each phase of the work cycle.

The handling of cases of different weights and sizes takes place several times a day and must be carried out quickly and in a practical and easy way for the operator.

This is because, if carried out incorrectly, it could pose various risks to the operator’s health.

The use of INDEVA® industrial manipulators makes it easier to move loads. Multiple cases can be moved at the same time using the grippers.

In this way it is possible to maintain high productivity, making it constant throughout the entire work cycle.

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