Thanks to its compact and ergonomic design, INDEVA's Liftronic guarantees lightness and ease of use: in fact, the system self-balances in real time, recognizing the weight of the load. In this way, it becomes very easy for the operator to position the tiles precisely, thanks above all to the electronic control.
The movement of uncomfortable objects to be grasped as tiles is a strong point for INDEVA's Liftronic systems which, thanks to their versatility and the possibility of exchanging gripping tools, adapt to any situation and work cycle.

Thanks to the increase after years of declining demand on the market and an expansion of exports, which have driven production, the tile market returns to grow.

Now, despite a slowdown, it is expected that these results will consolidate, so that production will grow further in the coming years.

Process innovation is one of the strategies to be adopted to improve productivity and Scaglia INDEVA® ‘s industrial manipulators represent the solution for moving fragile building materials such as tiles, preventing workers from continuously repeating the same operation for eight hours, which is harmful to health.

Thanks to INDEVA® technology, the tiles are moved gently and precisely, without any impact and without jerks. These objects are usually handled using a gripper with scissor pantograph chuck or standard chucks.

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