The INDEVA systems allow, thanks to their cutting-edge technology, to increase productivity while keeping the level constant throughout the entire work shift and, at the same time, allows for greater precision in the handling of sanitary ware.
INDEVA is the top of the range in terms of solutions for handling sanitary ware, because it is able to guarantee safety, ergonomics and productivity like no other manipulator, facilitator or lifting device available today.
The industrial manipulators INDEVA, meet the needs of a product of quality and safety, for this reason, many companies have adopted this system for the handling of sanitary ware. INDEVA systems are equipped with standard handles and an automatic handle adjustment device that allows the operator to maintain an ergonomic position throughout the work cycle, ensuring that movements are always fluid.

For companies that produce ceramic materials and need to handle bathroom ware and showers quickly, but above all safely, it is essential to use an INDEVA® manipulator.

It automatically and continuously detects the weight of the load lifted and counterbalances it instantly, eliminating the effects of inertia.

With the industrial manipulators INDEVA® it will be possible to precisely position even heavy and fragile materials such as bathroom ware and showers, and also allows operators to use their time and energy in a better way.

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