Possibility of handling the baggage without the need for pre-setting of load, thanks to the technical characteristic typical of INDEVA to detect and counterbalance in real time and automatically the weight of the load lifted. The immediate response of the system allows the operator to accelerate or slow down the movement according to the need, with a minimum effort.

With a Liftronic® Easy, you can effortlessly and ergonomically handle different weights and shapes of baggage by hand.

The movements are smooth when the luggage is first detached from its holder and when changing direction vertically.

The gripping device with the load handled or empty is guided by the sensitive handle, which allows natural reactivity to the operator’s impulse.

With the Liftronic® Easy, the operator can move baggage quickly, easily and naturally, just as if lifting and moving loads of a few grams without the aid of a machine.

This system allows heavy and bulky loads to be lifted and moved effortlessly for several hours a day.

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Baggage handling by means of an INDEVA® Liftronic® EASY

Different Airport Handling Companies have installed INDEVA®s model Liftronic® Easy for handling baggage, in order to comply with the European Directives on Ergonomics and Safety in the manual material handling. The INDEVA® are known for being the solution that turns manual load handling really safe and ergonomic. The INDEVA®, in fact, feature the ability to respond…