The INDEVA manipulators, meet the needs of a product of quality and safety, which is why many companies have adopted this system for the movement of engine chassis. The use of an INDEVA system allows to maintain a constant level of productivity for the entire work shift, manipulating the load in total ergonomics and safety.
INDEVA systems are used in the handling of motor chassis. Thanks to their slim and compact structure, movements on the horizontal axis are fast and fluid, positioning the load in an extremely precise way. The use of INDEVA manipulators makes it easier to move loads.

The INDEVA® Liftronic® series offers several advantages for what concerne the moving of motor chassis.

Without a Liftronic® industrial manipulator, the considerable weight of this component would involve several risks and disadvantages for the operators who have to carry out the machining operation.

For example, the product could be damaged during positioning, or it could compromise the health of workers.

INDEVA® allows, thanks to its cutting-edge technology, to increase productivity and, at the same time, allows for greater precision in the positioning of the load.

This is because an INDEVA® is faster and more precise than a traditional manipulator and allows the operator to move the load intuitively and at the most appropriate speed to perform the operation perfectly.

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Case histories on Automotive industry:

Quick, easy and safe manual handling and stacking of wheels

INDEVA LIFTRONIC EASY provides the requested solution:

Instant load weight detection thanks to its automatic balancing system for its different wheel weights.
A quick, simple and intuitive solution for the operator.
Quick and easy installation by specialised INDEVA technicians.
Ergonomic design.

Linear Manipulator for Manufacturers of Tyres

Transportable Linear Manipulator, suitable for allowing the operator to move from one press to another easily.

Steering mechanism – how to handle it safely

A worldwide well-known manufacturer of components for the automotive industry needed a solution for moving steering devices from rack to container.

Car floor covering handling

From racks to supply-in-line sequence process carts, handling car floor covering with ease, speed and precision is a reality with an INDEVA manipulator.

A Linear Manipulator for fitting batteries to the underside of a bus

We have used the Linear manipulator for many complex operations where heavy products require auto weight sensing and precision placement

INDEVA is proud to announce its partnership with NIKOLA

Scaglia INDEVA, already IVECO and CNH supplier, was chosen by NIKOLA to design and implement solutions for handling components for the new electric trucks’ assembly.

Volkswagen uses Intelligent Devices for Handling INDEVA

This video shows the assembly line in a Volkswagen plant; it shows how they handled parts before the Intelligent Devices for Handling INDEVA.

Lean Manufacturing Solution for your production line

An INDEVA LEAN SYSTEM trolley is the ideal Lean Manufacturing Solution for any production line. This is a Sequence trolley for cable harness.
Modular, flexible, reusable, easily adjustable, custom made, these and many more are the advantages of an INDEVA LEAN SYSTEM trolley.

Pneumatic Manipulator PN Ergo for handling vehicle glass parts

The INDEVA PN  Series pneumatic manipulators are repetitively chosen by more and more Companies in the Automotive Industry.  The Automotive Industry serves an extremely competitive market and their production needs to keep improving productivity times and quality. This is why the INDEVA manipulators are chosen: they are not just a product, but are the key service these Companies need. From  concept to design and delivery Scaglia INDEVA is renowned as being a reliable partner, able to provide the solution that best suits each specific application meeting all ergonomics, safety and user-friendliness requirements.

Handling plastic film reels in tyre industry

A well-known manufacturer of tyres for the automotive industry had to work with several operators to handle heavy reels of plastic film, weighing around 90kg.

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