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Liftronic® Easy standard end effectors

The universal tool head of Liftronic® Easy allows quick applications of different types of  end effectors such as hooks, pantograph chucks, jaws, clamps, etc…



INDEVA® Linear Pantograph Chuck:  by means of an INDEVA® linear pantograph  it is possible to handle loads of different sizes by a simple and quick jaw adjustment or loads of different shapes by a simple jaw replacement.
Photo Gallery-Linear Pantograph Chuck


INDEVA® Compact Pantograph Chuck: 8 different configurations are available for this modular INDEVA® compact pantograph.
Photo Gallery- Compact Pantograph Chuck


INDEVA® Scissor Pantograph Chuck: it allows easy adjustment to a wide range of load sizes.
Photo Gallery- Scissor Pantograph Chuck

end effector for manipulator

INDEVA® Expanding Chuck:  suitable for gripping reels with plastic or plastic core.
Photo Gallery- INDEVA® Expanding Chuck

permanent magnet

INDEVA® Permanent Magnet: suitable for gripping and handle cylindric or square parts.
Technical specifications INDEVA Permanent Magnet Photo Gallery – INDEVA  Magnet Gripper

All the above end effectors are interchangeable:

With one Liftronic Easy you can use different end effectors should you need to handle different types of loads at different times. A quick coupling system allows to switch end effectors quickly and easily.

Watch videos on how easy it is to interchange end effectors: