Industrial Manipulators INDEVA® Liftronic® Air Series

Liftronic® Air

Liftronic®  Air belong to the INDEVA® Liftronic® Series of intelligent industrial manipulators;

It combines the intelligent control system of the Liftronic® Series with the rigid parallelogram arm structure alike the pneumatic manipulators of the PN Series.

They represent the state of the art technology for handling offset loads.

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Liftronic® Air is the latest technology and has no direct competition on market!!

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Latest generation industrial manipulators of the INDEVA®  family. They combine the strength of traditional pneumatic manipulators with the intelligence of the INDEVA®. Their power for lifting is pneumatic, but they are electronically controlled.  Models are available from 80 to 250 kg, that can be supplied either column, ceiling or overhead rail mounted. Compared to traditional pneumatically controlled manipulators, Liftronic® Air offers important advantages which help improve safety, egonomics and productivity.

Download Liftronic® Air leaflet and read  the comparison table:  Liftronic® Air vs. traditional pneumatically controlled manipulator

Column mounted with jointed arm Ceiling/ Rail  mounted with jointed arm
Technical Specifications Technical Specifications
Manipulator arm Liftronic Air overhead manipulator arm

Safeties: (when assembled with tooling):

  • The system stops automatically when a communication error is detected (fault inside the cables, fault inside an electronic board,…);
  • The system stops automatically when electric power supply switches off;
  • The system controls the balancer’s pressures (at different levels) and verifies the congruencies between them:
  • The system stops automatically when a fault inside the proportional electromagnetic valve is detected;
  • The system stops automatically when a fault inside the proportional pneumatic valve is detected
  • The system stops automatically when the cylinder pressure isn’t congruent with required pressure;
  • In case of load drop Liftronic® Air is much safer than traditional pneumatic logic manipulator.
  • The auto balancing model immediately counter balances the different weight, thus keeping perfectly still , with no dangerous sudden tool movements upwards.
  •  The load preset model feature a special safety device that detects any possible sudden movement and stops it;
  • The system stops automatically in case of over acceleration (due to faults);
  • The system stops automatically when the STOP button is pressed (without the intervention of programmable electronic boards – only electromechanical elements).
  • The system also generates warning (without stopping the balancer) in order to shown “out of range” working situations.

Available options:

  • Rotating joint on the articulate axis
  • System lock for the lift capacity
  • Brake for up/down movement
  • Special painting
  • Steel platform
  • Limit switch for the main and intermediate joint axis

Applicable Standards

European safety standards 2006/42/CE (Machinery Directive):

  • Safety requirement in directive 2006/95/CE (Low voltage)
  • Safety requirement in directive 2004/108/CE (Electro-magnetic compatibility)

Design standards:

  • C NR 10021/85 (Steel structures for lifting equipment),
  • CNR 10011/86 (Steel products),
  • CNR 10028/85 (Aluminium alloy structures for lifting equipment),
  • CNR 10029/87 (High-resistance steel products)
  • UNI 7670, UNI 7278, DIN 4114, ISO 4304, DIN 1054, FEM/ I-12-1970)