Electronic Manipulators Liftronic Series: INDEVA

Liftronic® Series Industrial electronic manipulators are classified as INDEVA, Intelligent Device for Handling.
They represent the evolution of the traditional industrial manipulator and belong to the innovative product family of manual load handling systems known as intelligent Assist Devices or IADS.
Liftronic Series electronic manipulators are ideal anywhere speed, fluid movement and exact positioning of the load are required.

Liftronic® Series comprises:

  • Liftronic® and Liftronic® Easy Series – solutions with rope on the vertical axis, different models are available with capacity from 80 to 320 kg, including the end-effector. It can be installed to different supports: column wit Orbit Arm® or OrbitArm®3, ceiling or overhead rails
  • Liftruck® Series –a transpallet or lifting truck with an electronic manipulator Liftronic® mounted on it.
  • Liftronic®Air Series – solutions with pantograph arm and rigid structure on the vertical axis, suitable for handling offset loads.