Scaglia Indeva has been designing and manufacturing industrial manipulators since 1970 and today it’s a world leader in supplying material handling solutions. Thanks to its experience, know-how and state of the art technology developed by its R&D department, Scaglia INDEVA is able to address the need for higher productivity combined with safety and ergonomics.


Pneumatic and electronic industrial manipulators

Scaglia INDEVA offers the most complete range of industrial manipulators on the market, including both traditional pneumatic manipulators and state of the art electronic manipulators, better referred to as INDEVA.
Pneumatic manipulators are ideal to handle offset loads while Indeva are ideal anywhere speed, fluid movement and exact positioning of the load are required.


Thousands of manipulators installed all over the world in different industry fields

and hundreds of repetitive customers show Scaglia INDEVA 's ability to supply solutions for different material handling needs. Column or ceiling mounted manipulators or installed on sliding trolley on bridge crane system. Standard or custom end-effectors to handle different shapes and dimensions.
Look for examples of INDEVA Manipulators:


Handling load safely and ergonomically

Industrial manipulators are the only valid solution to avoid strain and injuries to the operators, increase productivity and conform to European Community standards and technical regulations (EN 1005-2) concerning safety and ergonomics.

Lean Manufacturing

For years Scaglia INDEVA advices and helps companies implementing lean manufacturing

Lean Manufacturing INDEVA LEAN SYSTEM  represents the ideal instrument to implement the principles of lean thinking in any industrial environment.  Innovative and prepared for continuous improvement, our system is suitable to redesign the assembly line area and the supply logistics according to the principles of lean manufacturing.